About the Artist

As someone born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, I have a great deal of love and respect for our natural world. The better part of my childhood was spent outdoors, swimming at my grandmother’s property at Lake Ballinger with my cousins in Edmonds, WA, or hiking through the majestic forested trails in the Olympic Peninsula. This deep and profound connection to nature has a tendency to reveal itself through my artwork. I consider myself to be a visionary artist, journeying through my imagination, study of realism, and exploration of heart and mind using a paintbrush as my vehicle. ​I earned my BFA in Graphic Design from Central Washington University, which led me to a career of nearly ten years designing magazines, catalogs, mailers, newspapers, and other various print publications. I became quite skilled with photoshop and have put those skills to use in conjunction with painting. During the visualization phase in my process for creating a new piece, often I will collect photo references and create a digital collage and/or digital painting of my ideas. This enables me to create quick sketches to aid me towards the most ideal composition for my vision and allows the potential for clients of commissioned pieces to have a greater understanding of how a completed piece might look. My preferred medium is acrylic, and I work with watercolors and oil paints on occassion.Currently residing in Kent, WA, I create from my home studio and have been managing and operating a growing Etsy shop while accepting painting commissions. The pieces I create take the viewer on an adventure through a varied range of subjects, though the primary body of my work has a common, dreamlike quality to them. I am elated by the complexity human faces and capturing the unique spark of life that makes us who we are.

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